Sunday, April 14, 2013

Review: Bioderma purifying and cleansing foaming gel for combination to oily skin

Hi everyone!

About a month ago I was in need of a new facial cleanser. I really wanted  to purchase a cleanser that was a bit better to your skin than the cleansers from the drugstore. So I went to a pharmacy and I stumbled across the Bioderma isle. I had a little look and saw that they had cleansers, which I thought was awesome because their cleansing water has had SO many good reviews that the cleanser just had to be nice too. So I bought it. It wasn't the cheapest (Around the £15 mark), and I wouldn't normally waste so much money on a cleanser but I just bought it simply because it was Bioderma. And people love Bioderma. It also claimed to be non-drying, soap free and hypoallergenic which is definitely a plus.

So on the bottle it says that it cleanses gently and controls oils. Doesn't clog pores.
As I've used this product over a month now, I can really say that it is a very gentle cleanser. I use it with my little Clarisonic-like manual face brush and I feel like it really makes my face squeaky clean. It definitely doesn't clog my pores or make my skin produce more oil. Also, with some cleansers I find that my skin feels a bit tight after the wash, which I definitely don't feel with this cleanser. I've also noticed that it has been keeping my skin from breaking out. It's very gentle and clarifying, AND it doesn't sting when accidentally getting into the eyes (you know how the late night cleansing can be- can't keep your eyes open and kind of just slap the cleanser onto your skin and whooops- get it into your eye!!). The cleanser has a gentle scent which I like.
However, it smells just like a Nivea Young cleanser that I used years ago so I don't know what's the case with that. I can't remember how the Nivea one worked so I can't really compare the two cleansers.

Overall, I would give this product 8 points out of 10 because I really enjoy it.
I'm not sure whether it's available in the UK or not but if you can get your hands on it, want to invest into a cleanser that is a bit more expensive, and that's from the pharmacy, this one would definitely be worth the try.

I hope the lack of posts will end soon but right now I'm just very busy with school and stuff so I hope you don't mind!
Have a lovely week, and a lovely spring!!