Sunday, September 8, 2013

Review: Kiehl's Rare Earth Deep Pore Cleansing Masque

Hello everyone!

A couple of weeks, or even a month ago I was in search of a deep cleansing face mask. I usually like masks that are clay-based because I really feel like they cleanse my skin the best. I like trying out new products, however if I find a product that works really well, I stick to it rather than test out products that might not work for me. 

So, as I was searching for the masque, I stumbled across the Kiehl's beauty isle and went to see if they have anything that could work for me. The lady was very kind and told me about their face masks. She said that the Rare Earth Pore Cleansing Masque is the best for my skin type. I wanted to try it out first before buying the whole jar and went home with a tester of this product. I used it and fell in love. The very next day I went back and bought the full size jar.


This mask is supposed to really purify (especially the pores), and detoxify your skin. It contains Amazonian white clay that is known for its deep-cleansing properties. This mask is targeted at people with normal to oily skin. As I have an oily T-zone but normal skin type elsewhere, this mask is just perfect for me. You are supposed to use it once or twice a week, but I prefer sticking to using it just once. A thin layer of this mask is applied to damp, clean skin and then allowed to try and cleanse the skin for 10 minutes. With this mask you can really feel it doing the job. At first it really tingles, almost stings on your face, but in a minute the tingling sensation stops and it is being replaced by a really refreshing feeling. After 10 minutes you are supposed to use a warm towel/muslin cloth to remove the mask and gently pat it dry.

As you can see, the consistency of this mask is very rich and creamy which I love. As the jar is massive, the mask will probably last you for a year or more, which is a good thing because this stuff is quite expensive (25,5€/ £21,5 per 125 ml jar.)

I usually like to apply this mask with my E.l.f professional foundation brush as it doesn't 'suck' in as much product as fingers would.

To sum up the pros and cons:
- very deep cleansing and truly works wonders
- massive jar that lasts for a long time
- rich, creamy consistency
- very easy to wash/wipe off the face

- slightly stinging feeling on the skin during the first minute
- heavy price tag

I think that this mask is absolutely perfect if you have oily/combination skin type. And £21 is totally worth it!

Have you tried this mask? What is your favourite deep-cleansing mask? Let me know!
Have a wonderful week!


  1. Sounds amazing! I just got the Kiehls Avocado Eye Cream, hoping for good things!

    Maddy @

  2. This sounds great but I have super dry skin :-(
    I never thought to use a brush to apply my masks, great idea!

  3. @Maddy: I've also heard amazing things about the Avocado cream, I think it might be one of my next purchases from Kiehl's!
    @Maya: Don't worry, if you want a good quality mask, then they also have masks for different skin types. You should totally check 'em out :)

  4. This sounds amazing, I've got oily skin so I really need to try this. I haven't actually tried anything from Kiehl's before, but this will probably be my first purchase thanks to you! :)

    Christina | Passion Obsession - Currently hosting a beauty hamper giveaway!

  5. Lovely blog!
    I have tagged you in the Liester awards.
    Read my latest post for the questions you need to answer and dont forget to comment on the post your link once you have completed it so i can read and comment back!

  6. I bought this and didn't really like it. I'll have to get it out and try it again!

    LittleMissFashion xx

  7. I think the stingy feel in the first minute is a good thing as it means it's working! I love a good clay mask, it really cleans my skin!
    However, the price tag puts me off a little :/
    alicekatex ♥

  8. I haven't tried it yet but your review might change that ;) There is just so different (mask) brands on the market these days that it's difficult to find a perfct one :)
    If you want you can check out my blog & maybe follow each other?


  9. This sounds really good! I love a good face mask!

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  11. Sounds great. I haven't tried anything like this so I found this post helpful and informative.

  12. i loooove a good clay mask! REN's invisible pores is my favourite xx

  13. I never thought of using a foundation brush to apply a face mask! Great tip! :) x

  14. That's such a good idea with the brush!! I actually have an old foundation brush that I don't use anymore so I may put that to good use!


  15. I so definitely need a face mask to help my skin every now and again, I like the sound of this one