Sunday, March 31, 2013

Toned for summer?

Hi everyone!

As summer is approaching soooo fast, I've really gotten into a regular fitness routine this spring. 
As much as I'd like to be motivated every time I go to the gym, I'm not. Sometimes I just feel a bit 'meh' about working out and I enter the gym, not feeling very pumped or motivated.
What I've figured, is that following some fitness blogs (or fitblrs, as they're called on Tumblr), really helps to make me a bit more motivated and excited for gym. I love browsing through my dashboard and looking at all the lovely inspirational quotes and pictures. 

My fitness regime consists of working out at the gym once a week + some smaller exercises at home every single day.
When going to the gym, I usually start with a 30-minute cardio run on the treadmill. Then I go on the bicycle. After that I usually either row or do sit-ups depending on my current mood. Then I just stretch and at this point, I feel very exhausted so I go for a nice shower.

At home I usually do crunches + some exercises for the nicki minaj bum. You heard me. 
After finding some exercises, I thought, why not? So these are the exercises I've been doing every single day:

My workout outfit consists of a regular tank top, some training leggings, comfortable underwear and trainers.

Top- H&M, leggings- Adidas, trainers- Adidas, sports bra- Sloggy
(Currently I'm wearing a sports bra from Primark though, and it does the job :))

To sum up, I really just want to become more healthy and eat less junk. Even though I find that transforming into a new lifestyle is rather hard, it's worth it.

I hope that you guys found this post somewhat inspirational. It sure did motivate me haha.

Have a lovely week!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

25 facts about me TAG

Hi everyone!

As I've been SUPER busy lately and haven't really had time to try out any new beauty products, I thought I'd get a post up on here anyway. I think that you guys know little about me so I thought I would post the '25 facts about me' tag post :)

1. I have an obsession with music, I have sung in an ensemble for 8 years. I also play my guitar quite often. I sometimes also play the piano.

2. People often get the wrong impression of me: it is often assumed that I'm quiet and shy. Well, if you knew me really well, I am a crazy psychopath!

3. I often cry when I'm super happy, for example, after I'd spend an awesome weekend with my friends at a music festival, I started crying because I was so happy!

4. I love extreme sports, especially BMX biking. I would love to do it myself but I think I'm too scared.

5. I have an obsession with tea. I have at least 3 cups a day.

6. I have no clue what I want to do in the future. I kind of want to be Peter Pan and float around in youth forever!

7. I'm socially awkward. If I wanted to talk/ make friends with you, I'd most probably just sit in the corner until you came to talk to me.

8. I have 3 favourite colours: mint green, orange and baby pink.

9. I hate it when my room is messy but I don't tidy it too often, which is a bad-bad thing!!

10. I hate painting my nails.

11. My two dream destinations right now are either LA or Melbourne.

12. My biggest pet peeve is when people eat loudly/ with their mouths open.

13. When I was around 8, I rode my bike and fell. I lost a tiny piece of my front tooth, it's very tiny but still noticeable. 

14. My biggest insecurity is my skin.

15. I don't have a favourite music style. I kind of listen to everything, except for classical music and hard rock.

16. I always forget where I put things. I also forget what I've told people and what not. It annoys my friends a lot!

17. My favourite holiday is Christmas.

18. When I was younger, I used to write a lot of poems and short stories. 

19. Literally every time I apply mascara, I get it all over my face. It's horrible. 

20. I like to take loads of photos.

21. My favourite restaurant is either Vapiano or Nandos.

22. I love driving at night, I just find the darkness very comforting. ( I mean driving in the passenger seat haha)

23. I would like to learn either Spanish or French and speak it fluently.

24. I'm obsessed with instagram (my instagram is @laura_official *just saying*...)

25. I'm 5'7 and I hate it! I often feel too tall and I'd like to be a bit shorter!

Have a lovely week!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My current hair faves

Hi everyone!

Recently I've tried out quite a few hair products because I really want to get my hair to a better condition (especially after washing it every single day for a year and a half!). For now I've stopped buying new products because I think I've found great products that are helping my hair to get healthier again.

My key to healthier hair has been coconut oil. This has been a miracle product for me. I do coconut oil masks twice a week and this really helps to make the hair ends smooth and glossy. What is more, I think it's also helped my hair grow. I have quite regular hair trims and the last time I went to the hairdresser's, she asked if I had been using any deep repair masks because she noticed the difference in the length of my hair.
So the first thing I do every week, is that I put coconut oil all over my hair and leave it there as long as possible. 

Now after the oil has sat in my hair for a couple of hours, it's time for me to wash it out. For this I use my recent buy, the Toni & Guy Cleanse shampoo. 
I'm lovin' it!
I feel like this shampoo really helps to get all the excess oil and chemicals out of my hair. It has a gentle smell, which is always a plus. It might not be the cheapest shampoo out there, but it definitely is worth the money. 
I only use this shampoo once a week because I feel like it is kind of a 'treat' for my hair!

If I'm not having a deep treatment-masque-day, I'll just wash and condition my hair.
On days like these, I use my Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo. If you've ever tried Aussie's products, you'll know they smell heavenly. The smell reminds me of sweet bubblegum which is just lush. It also leaves my hair feeling so soft! What I also like about this shampoo as well as the Toni and Guy one, is that you need the tiniest bit for the product to lather up. So no running around stores for shampoo all the time.

When I use a shampoo, I also want to use a good conditioner. I have a couple more, but these two products are the ones I always find myself coming back to.
They're the Macadamia deep repair masque and the Aussie 3 minute miracle reconstructor.
I find that the results of these two are quite similar even though the Macadamia one is much more expensive.  They both make my hair very shiny, easy to brush through, and soft. 
So one day I'll use on, then the other. I usually leave the Macadamia one for days when I feel extra posh. 

So this is my current hair routine!
Do you use any of these products?

Have a nice mid-week!