Thursday, July 18, 2013

New blog layout and my Youtube channel!

Hi everyone!

As you may have already seen, my blog went from a soft blue colour to baby pink. It looks more put together now I think and I'm quite happy how it turned out for now. I still have some things to change though.

Also, I just wanted to let you guys know that I now have a Youtube channel. I have no videos on there at the moment because my channel is still in baby shoes but I really wanted to start making videos every once in a while.
I would really appreciate it if you could subscribe to me because I will start making videos very soon. (Even though my accent is probably terrible- haha!)

That's all I wanted to say- just a little update post :)


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Products I've used up #2: summer empties!

Hi everyone!

It has been a while since I last posted a "Products I've used up" post. To be honest, I have used up quite a few products but they always seem to find themselves unhappily in the bin before I realise that I have a special bag for the empties. 

  • Rexona activshower with fresh ginkgo & lemon grass
I had had this shower gel just hanging around for ages so I finally decided to try it. Because of its slightly masculine but very fresh scent I really enjoyed using this for my morning showers or post workout showers.
  • Bioderma purifying and foaming cleansing gel
I have a whole post about this product if you're curious: click me!
  • Himalaya herbals neem foaming face wash
This was my second bottle of this product. It is perfect for a gentle morning cleanse because it really refreshes and cleanses the skin. It has a very fresh scent too which is also suitable for those early mornings. I don't know about the availability of this product in the UK but it's definitely worth checking out!
  • Dermosil for faces cleansin mousse for normal-dry skin
This is a product similar to the previous one but I did not enjoy it that much. It has a very perfumey scent which I absolutely hated. Nonetheless, I went through the whole bottle of this because it did a good job cleansing the skin. I would not repurchase this product!
  • Oriflame Pure Skin scrub face wash
When I found this face wash, I was quite surprised because it had been just hanging around in my bathroom, just like the shower gel and I decided to give it a go. Now this contains salicylic acid which is obviously good for any blemishes. The face wash left my skin feeling super clean and refreshed. The scrubby particles are very gentle on the skin and get rid of any dead skin cells. I would definitely repurchase this product again!
  • Dermosil 3-in1 mascara in black
This mascara is just the bomb dot com. I absolutely loved it! It's a very natural looking mascara that doesn't clump or smudge throughout the day which is great. I wore this pretty much every day and it did not let me down once. Unfortunately I don't think it's available anymore which is a shame because it truly was an awesome mascara!
  • Lush's 'Herbalism' face cleanser
This was my first pot of this and I have already purchased a new one. I usually use it after I've taken off my makeup and cleansed my face with a cleanser. This just helps to make blemishes go away faster and it feels soooo good on the skin! Basically it's just a cleanser made out of herbs and natural oils. It rocks.
  • Lush's grease lightning
Yes, another product from Lush for blemishes. I just find that natural products help the most when it comes to blemishes. This is just a blemish gel that you can either put all over your face (which I do) or on a specific spot. It smells ah-may-zing! I've also repurchased a new bottle of this and I just love this stuff

So as you can see, I have used up many facial cleansers! Haha.
Also, if you happened to find yourself thinking "Oh I wanna know more about the Dermosil brand.." then they have a webpage and you can also purchase products from there. They only ship to Europe though.

I'm planning to do a post about my July favourites at the end of this month and I thought I would do it in a video form. What do you guys think of that? Yay or nay? Please let me know in the comments below!

Until next post,
enjoy your summer everyone!