Saturday, March 29, 2014

The Body Shop Camomile cleansing butter

Hi everyone!
Cleansing balms and butters have been on my 'must try beauty' list for a while now so I decided to try 'em out and see what the hype is all about.
I decided to go with The Body Shop's chamomile cleansing butter because I had seen a few people raving about it and it's not overly expensive (the price is £12/ 17€ for 90ml).

As the whole cleansing balm experience is new to me, I didn't really know what to expect. I was a bit skeptical, because let's be real- an oily cleanser used on oily skin does not sound like a fun combination. However, the results are the opposite of what I was expecting. Instead of making my skin more oily, I feel like this cleanser has really balanced it out. I've noticed my skin does not produce as much oil throughout the day as it used to.
I don't actually use this cleansing butter just on its own to remove makeup. I like the feeling of really clean skin so before using the butter, I use a cleansing water too. The cleansing butter helps to remove the makeup that might not have come off with the water as well as prepare my skin for deeper cleanse. I scoop an amount of about 2 peas out of the tub and warm the cleansing butter up between my fingers until it's melted into an oil (the consistency is quite hard at first- think coconut oil). Then I just massage it all over my face. I might just do it about 3 minutes because it feels so damn relaxing. The smell of the butter is soooo relaxing! After that I take a warm cloth and remove the product, then just use a cream cleanser for the final cleanse.
I feel like this product has really changed my skin. It's sorted out the oily-t-zone situation throughout the day. I've also noticed that my skin is much clearer and I don't get zits and annoying breakouts as often. I think it's all down to this product because I haven't switched up any of my other skincare products.
Would I recommend it? Definitely! I feel like this would be a wonderful product used on any skin type. The scent is amazing and it gets rid of the very last bits of makeup on the skin. Also, because of the low price it's not that big of a deal if this product doesn't suit your skin type (comparing to the EH cleansing balm at £34 which would be quite a big loss of money)
Overall, I am quite amazed by the results of using this product.
Do you use a cleansing balm? Have you tried out this one?
Let me know!
Have a lovely weekend!


  1. This sounds really interesting! I've only ever used moisturisers from the Body Shop, but I might pick this up next time I go shopping! x

  2. I don't know why I've never thought of using a product like this but I now have it on my list to try out. It sounds wonderful!

  3. I really like this too and it's so affordable!

    Jimmy |

  4. This sounds like a balm I need to try. My favourite balm so far is the one by balance Me. I also have the Clinique one but can't make my mind up what I think! x
    tomorrow's face

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  6. Great post,love!
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