Monday, November 26, 2012

Lazy day a.k.a I'm ill

Do you know the feeling when you suddenly get cold shivers all over your body and just want to get to bed as soon as possible?
I'm not ill very often but sometimes I do get colds that come with stuffy nose and a light temperature. This time I've somehow managed to catch an illness when I've got two busiest weeks of the year coming ahead.
What I hate the most about being ill is that my face breaks out fairly badly. I guess it's just that my body is too busy fighting with the illness and is out of its normal routine. So when being ill, I try to give my skin a bit of extra care whether I want to do it or not. Also, sometimes it is good to be ill just because it allows you to stay at home, and get a nice sleep.
I use my ill-day-at-home to prepare for the festive season and look for some presents online.
These socks are so warm, if you can get hands on them, make sure you will. Only £3 for 2 pairs in Primark!
Laura xx

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