Thursday, February 7, 2013

A happier life?!

Hi everyone!

How many times have you truly sat down and felt like you can't keep up with life anymore? Even though I consider myself to be a fairly positive person, I still get my low points when I feel like doing nothing all day. 
And sometimes I even get emotional for no particular reason. In situations like this, it is absolutely normal to release the tension and just cry yourself empty. 

But what if we wouldn't have to have moments like this? And why do we have them after all?
I've met people who are always happy, they see positive sides of everything and I really want to become a happier person myself.

I'd like to start with the little things that make a big influence on feeling good and being happier.
For example, I bet, at some point of your life, you've been absolutely furious when standing in front of your wardrobe, making a mess of your clothes and feeling like you have absolutely nothing to wear?
But, think about it, it's such a small problem! Comparing it to much bigger problems in the world like wars and famines, it really is nothing. Wear whatever you want and be spontaneous!

(Picture- WeHeartIt)
Now, I am the kind of person who likes to dream big. But sometimes I'm not very sure if all this dreaming and hoping for the dreams to come true, will have any payoff at all. At this point, I have to give myself an answer: 
Yes, it does!
I just have to tell you my cheesy story as an example to this. So, last year, I really, really wanted to go to London. It was pretty much the goal of the year for me. However, I was very skeptical about this dream becoming true because I was constantly telling myself: "The possibility of this really happening is 1 to million. Stop dreaming." But as my birthday was coming soon, I thought, hey, why not save up a bit and go on your dream trip this year?! And I did it. I didn't spend a penny. I got some money for my birthday and had some saved up before. In September, I bought my tickets and in October travelled to the city of my dreams. I have no regrets.
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And finally, find something good in every day, no matter how horrible the day itself has been. There are always good things in everyone's day. So, before you go to bed, think of the day and try to remember what made it good for you. This also helps to fall asleep quicker. Trust me!

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This post was kind of a reminder for myself, too, to really think of what is important in life. I really want to be  more positive and I have to work on it. But I can already feel that the results are going to be pretty darn good!

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. This was a really great post and the quotes were so inspirational

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  2. Thank you!
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