Saturday, February 2, 2013

Products I've used up #1

Hi everyone!

This month I found myself using the very last bits of quite a few products and decided to give you a short review of these products :)

  • Herbal Essences 'Beautiful ends' shampoo
This was my first purchase of the Herbal Essences line and I really enjoyed this shampoo. As it says, it is made for damaged ends, which I have. I didn't notice much of a difference in my hair but along with the conditioner, it made my hair super soft and I absolutely loved the scent. I did get a bit tired of this product eventually but it is a great drugstore shampoo!
  • Andrew Barton SOS Last Another Day dry shampoo
This is a dry shampoo that actually has made my hair look better. With Batiste, I didn't notice that my hair looked less oily after going without washing it for 2 days but this made it look better and more fresh. The thing that got me to buy this shampoo were the lines that said that Andrew Barton was the best hairdresser in the UK. I thought, well, he has to have pretty awesome haircare products then. The only thing that let this product down a bit, was it's oooverwhelming scent. It was too sweet and overwhelming. 
  • Clearasil Daily Clear Vitamins And Extracts Wash and Mask
This was an emergency product for me when I was in London and ran out of my face wash. I purchased this and I wasn't disappointed. The wash has a clay-like consistency which I really like. It makes my face feel refreshed and clean and it also smells good. I also tried it as a mask a couple of times but I mainly preferred this as a face wash. Along with my face brush, it is a great cheap cleanser!
  • Oriflame christmas shower cream
Let me just begin with sobbing. Because this shower cream has been discontinued. I purchased this in 2011 and I absolutely loved the christmassy- spicy scent it had. It was so moisturising and creamy, I really liked this around the Christmas time. I'm actually gutted it is discontinued...
  • Oriflame Pure Nature daily facial cream with blueberry
As I was on a kind of 'no-buy' last month, I told myself to use up the face creams before buying any new ones. So I begun with this one. I loved that it was moisturising and creamy. It also had a nice blueberry scent which really woke me up when it was early in the morning. 
  • Macadamia Healing Oil Treatment
I bought this oil when I was at a beauty fair last year. I'm not going to lie, I'm disappointed in Macadamia's products. This one has a very strong and not very natural scent which makes me believe it is not as natural as it promises. It didn't particularly make my hair feel any different, it rather weighed it down. Not my cup of tea.
So there you go! These are my first empties of 2013. The product I enjoyed the most was the Clearasil face wash and I really wish I can pick up another one soon. 
Have you tried any of these products?

Have a lovely weekend,


  1. Can't go wrong with a bit of herbal Essence!