Sunday, January 27, 2013

My everyday makeup

Hi everyone!

This week I had been quite busy and hadn't had the time to think of a good blog post idea (uh-oh! haven't done my homework!) so I thought I would give you a quick review of the products I use on an every day basis.
  • Rimmel Match Perfection foundation
This is a lovely foundation to use on an every day basis. It has nice coverage and stays on a decent amount of time. + It's cheap! Full review on my blog here
  • NYX Concealer in a jar
I love this concealer. It's creamy, has a nice coverage and blends nicely. I even use it under my eyes and it works very well. I usually apply it with my finger but I think it'll be even better to use it with a brush. The only minus side of this concealer is its strong, granny-ish scent. Nothing too overwhelming though. But it is a bit disturbing. Do pick this up if you're looking for a cheap concealer on NYX UK webpage here.
  • Rimmel 'Stay Matte' pressed powder
Now, I know that many bloggers have raved about this powder but I just have to do it, too. It is amazing. Probably the best pressed powder I've ever used. It leaves your skin matte and natural-looking. The thing I love the most about this powder is that it's incredibly light. I have had quite a few powders that you could feel on your skin throughout the day but you definitely can't feel this one. Again, it is amazing. Available at Boots here.
  • Depend eyebrow wax pencil
This is just a regular wax pencil to keep your eyebrows in shape throughout the day. I can't say it's amazing because it doesn't last for the whole day. So if you're looking for a good eyebrow product, I think you should purchase either a clear mascara or a product made specifically for eyebrows. When I use this pen up, I will purchase the Mac eyebrow set.
  • Rimmel eyebrow pencil 
This is another Rimmel product that I absolutely love. The tone 'Hazel' is perfect for blonde hair. I just fill in my brows with this pencil after putting the wax on them and they're done! Available at Boots here.
  • Dermosil Devoted 3in1 mascara in Black
Unfortunately, this brand is only available in Finland, Sweden and Estonia but I absolutely love this mascara. It's a bit wet at the beginning but as it dries, it is amazing! It gives the lashes length but still makes them look natural. This is one of the best lengthening mascaras I've ever tried and I looove it!
  • Rimmel eyeshadow in Champagne coral
I've had this eyeshadow for absolutely ages but I swipe it on my lides almost every day to brighten up the eyes. And I love it. Unfortunately, this kind of packaging isn't available anymore but I did find a very similar one from Boots. You can find it at Boots here, the colour is called 'Smokey Quartz' 

I do use blusher and bronzer sometimes, but not every day so I decided not to include them in this blog post.
Please let me know in the comments what products do you use every day and if you use some of the products I listed in this post. I'd also love to try out new products!

Take care!

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