Friday, January 24, 2014

My skin's new best friend- Rio Sonicleanse

Hi everyone!
I've been planning to do this post for quite a while now. I bought my Rio Sonicleanse electric cleansing brush in October but I really wanted to try it out and let my skin get used to it before doing a full review for you guys.

The main thing I was looking for in a cleansing brush was that it would do it's job nicely and not be harsh on my skin. I decided to buy the Rio brush instead of Clarisonig because... well.. the price. The Rio Sonicleanse brush is basically the same as all the Clarisonic ones. When Clarisonic retails for about £120, the Rio one is just £49.99 which is 1/3 of Clarisonic's price!!! It comes with 2 extra brush heads (they need to be changed every 3 months) and you can buy extra brushes from their website where a 2-pack retails for £10 and 4 for £14.
When I was reading reviews of the brush, literally everyone reviewing it said that they had had 2 "spotty" weeks and skin imbalance when they first started using it. However, none of this happened to me. The brush did feel a bit harsh at first but my skin has got used to it now and I just love it!
The brush has two settings which I like because then you can use the setting that suits your skin best, either the one that does the job a bit softer or the one that's a bit more rough on your skin. It also has a timer in it; the system works for a minute and during that period of time it beeps in every 20 seconds which I think is very convenient.
I use it every night and do 2 cleanses in a row; one with the lighter setting and the other one with the rougher one. I find that this makes my skin feel even cleaner. I use a simple cleanser to go with it, at the moment I'm using the Neutrogena Grapefruit one and these two go really well together!
This brush has really made an improvement in my skin: the pores are much tighter and cleaner and the amount of annoying spots that pop up every now and then has definitely reduced from what it used to be. I've also noticed that my skin is not as imbalanced as it used to be- earlier it was a mix of oilyness and dryness but now it's more of a normal type.
I really, really, really recommend the Rio Sonicleanse brush if you're thinking of buying an electric face cleansing brush but just can't get yourself to spend a fortune on it. It works amazingly and has made my skin so much better!!
It is available at Rio Beauty's website here
Have a lovely weekend!

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