Sunday, December 23, 2012

Decorating the tree and the Holly Jolly TAG

Hi everyone!
As always, our family always puts the tree up incredibly late, it's just because everyone is so busy and finally find the time to put the tree up on the 22nd or 23rd. Ah well!
It is kind of a tradition for me (us) that I decorate the tree. When usually I go for every single colour of the ornaments we have and just put them on the tree then this year I used golden, red and green ornaments and some christmas lights. I really like how the tree turned out!

The christmas tree and some of the decorations

I also made a fast-forwarded video of me decorating the tree but I think it wouldn't be as interesting for you to watch. 

Now on to the Holly Jolly Christmas tag!
1. Favourite Christmas movie?
This is a total classic but I will have to go with Home Alone as I really do watch it every year!
2. Are you on the Naughty List or on the Nice List?
On the Nice one...... I think..
3. Show us an Embarrassing Christmas Card Photo
I usually just send out the cards I've bought so I'm not into the picture-thing very much! 
4. Have you ever had a White christmas?
Yes! We usually have every Christmas with loads of snow which I love! (One of the perks of living in North-Europe!)
5. Where do you usually spend your holidays?
At home, safe and sound. With the family. 
6. Play or sing your favourite Christmas song!
Well obviously it's impossible to sing on here but I will go with 'All I want for Christmas is you'.. absolute classic! 
7. Do you open any presents on Christmas Eve?
We don't have a certain tradition but we open them whether on Christmas Eve OR Christmas day.
8. Can you name all of Santa's reindeer?
Well I know Rudolph and Prancer and Vixen and Cupid. I'm so bad at this haha!
9. What holiday tradition are you looking forward to this year?
Eating! You have to admit, the massive feast is the best part of Christmas!
10. Is your Christmas tree real or fake?
Real! I wouldn't imagine Christmas without the christmas tree scent in the living room. 
11. Hands down, what's your all-time favourite holiday food and holiday sweet treat?
My favourite holiday food has to be the pork which is traditionally on our table every christmas! It's just so good! And for the sweet, I love mince pies and Christmas cakes with fruit in them. 
12. Be honest: do you like giving gifts or receiving gifts better?
When I was smaller, I used to love opening the presents but as I've got a bit more mature, I love giving out christmas gifts more and more. I just love to see a friend or a family member opening the present and genuinely liking it. It feels so good. 
13. Show us your tackiest Christmas attire (ex: Ugly Sweater)
I used to have little elf slippers with bells on the toes but they've gone missing somehow! 
14. What would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season?
London! Next year I hope....
15. Does your family have a special holiday recipe you like to help make?
We make a christmas cake every year and I could even post a recipe on here if anyone would be interested :)
16. Are you a pro-present wrapper or do you fail miserably?
I fail. Quite miserably. I usually cut the paper too small for the gift and.. well it's a big mess. For example, this year I was wrapping a present and I cut into my finger with the paper and I got blood on the wrapping paper, had to run and look for a band-aid and cut a new paper for the gift. Sigh. 
17. Most memorable Holiday moment?
Every moment of the holidays is memorable and there's way too many! 
18. What made you realise the truth about Santa?
Basically when I was around 11- 12 my granny just went and asked: "Laura, what do you think.. is the Santa Claus real?" and I went "what do you mean?" and she was: "Well the truth is.. there is no Santa." (Real Christmas ruiner, I know!!!) 
19. Do you make New Year's resolutions? Do you stick to them?
I do create a bucketlist for the New Year of the things I want to do. It's so interesting to look back at them on the 31st of December and tick the ones you've accomplished with a green felt tip pen! 
20. What makes the Holidays special for you? 
 Spending time with my family and making people happy :)

To sum the post up, I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!! :)
Laura xx

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