Saturday, December 15, 2012

Picturesque winter part I

Hi everyone!
Here we always have snow during the winter time, it's frosty and very wintery from November to around March and that is what completes my winter because let's be honest- what would a winter be without proper snow?!
So on this very snowy and wintery Saturday, I wrapped myself in warm clothes, took my DSLR and went for a fairly long walk around the town.
There wasn't many people walking around the town but everything was very pretty and I loved my walk even though I came back home with frozen cheeks...
The main entrance of the railway station in lovely decorations - The platform of the railway station - Christmas tree at the central square - The tower and ruins of an old bishop's castle - A pink house in the middle of the town -  Well deserved cup of tea when I arrived back home

 Please let me know if you would enjoy this kind of posts in the future! I really enjoy making them :)
Also, there is 'Picturesque winter part II' coming on it's way!

Have a lovely weekend!
Laura xx

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