Sunday, December 2, 2012

Review: Lush Golden wonder

Hi everyone!
I had had my last bath ages ago and I really needed a relaxing, hot bath. So I went to Lush to get a nice bath bomb.
I ended up buying the 'Golden wonder' one because the name sounded pretty and it looked very interesting. The thing that made me buy it the most was it's tinkling sound when I shook the product. It was just like a small, wrapped present. It smelt citrusy and slightly Christmasy which I really enjoyed.

It looks like a wrapped present. Very pretty!

When I dropped the bomb into the water, it started releasing different colours which made it even more interesting! I recorded a video of it fizzing away. The video isn't with the best quality because it is recorded with my phone.

It isn't very noticeable but it released colours such as green, yellow and pink. It had little stars in it too, which I believe were things that made sound when shaking the product. After it all had fizzed away, the water of my tub was woody green. It also had shimmer in it (which you could probably tell when buying the bomb- my hands were all sparkly in the shop!). The only downside of this bath bomb is that the shimmer doesn't come off. It leaves a shimmery layer on your skin which I'm not a big fan of. 

Overall, it was a nice product from Lush's Christmas range and I believe it would make a lovely present too- if you want to give something not very pricey to your friends. I believe it was 3-4 pounds in the shop.

Laura xx

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