Thursday, June 20, 2013

30 day snap day #19

Hi everyone!
I can't believe we're halfway through June already.. I can't imagine going to school in 2 months!
Yesterday was the 'big' graduation. It is a big blurry memory now because it all went by so quickly! And guess what.
I did not cry.
I was overwhelmed by how many people had come to congratulate me; it really was so sweet!
So I guess now I have 2 months of freedom in front of me which I know will go in no time.. I'll try to make the most of this summer!
Anyway, let's get cracking with the pictures.

I ended up not putting my hair up, I curled it instead

I don't think I've realised that I've graduated yet.. 
What have you been up to recently? Tell me in the comments!


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