Sunday, June 9, 2013

30 day snap days 8 and 9

Hi everyone!

I went to a flea market yesterday to sell some of my old clothes. Well. It didn't go that well. I blame myself for not organising everything better. But I'll be smarter next time!
And I don't have a snap of it as well. Because I accidentally deleted all the pictures I took yesterday. :(

Today, however, I have a very appetising picture for you. In the morning we had our family friends over for breakfast. We had tons of food on the table and everyone was absolutely full after the feast. Our friends brought us two big pretzel shaped breads which we could not possibly fit in our stomachs anymore so we decided to enjoy them for tea this evening.
They are the best things I've ever eaten. Seriously.

A massive pretzel covered with lots of almonds and icing. I hope you're all drooling now :P

What have you been up to? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. This looks so delicious!

    Maddy @