Sunday, June 30, 2013

30 day snap day #30

Hi everyone!
I cannot believe that this month has become to an end and that tomorrow is July. The month of June will stay in my memories because so much was happening this month.
When talking about the actual 30 day snap challenge, I can say that I ended up with quite a decent amount of pictures. I did skip a couple of days but I am still pretty pleased with myself. I also got many replies back from you and it made me really happy :)

Right now I'm visiting my nan in a town called Haapsalu. Today I decided to go for a  bike ride and  captured this very historical building. I just love this town!

Did you participate in the challenge?
What were you up to today?


  1. Lovely picture :) I am curious as to where you're from?!
    I really like your blog by the way! x

    Sinead |

  2. Thank you! I am from a tiny European country called Estonia. You can read about me more over on the "about me" page :)
    Laura xx